Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have lost a battle.
It hurts.
I've been kidding myself.
It hurts more.

Time to GET REAL!

So, I took the plunge and went to buy new scales. It was hard for me, but I was sick of the vagueness of the scales I had. My  thinking had been with the other scales that if my number was in the 80's that = fat so who really carse if its 86.pointfat or 84.stillfat 

Last round I weighed in at a Herbalife center on fancy scales to start with and then used my own throughout the weeks - I got sick in the last 2-3 weeks and although I finished the program I wasn't really into it properly, but I had gone from 92.6 to 84 ( or so I thought).

Even though I had petered out, a lot in my world had changed, I now exercised, I ate differntly, I had forum support... so I was pretty happy with the mental and physical changes.

The biggest thing I was happy with was that I thought I had won my ongoing battle with the NUMBER 85! Faaaaark I hate that number. It haunts me, it has done for a long time. Even during the 12WBT I dropped the initial kgs fast and then plateaued at 85. One week I went under, only to go back to 85 the next week and this went on for weeks.
Damn you 85 why do you haunt me. Why is it a damn barrier for me?

*LIGHTBULB 85 reversed is 58 - a number I cannot even begin to fathom BUT that would be quite a healthy BMI for someone who is say 162cm tall. Hmmm interesting. I'm 162cm tall! Hmmm creepy :) 

So I went and bought the new scales & got the deal of the century and bought some super duper weight watchers ones that were reduced from $189 to $49 - WIN! .. or so I thought.

I stood on the scales yesterday thinking quite confidently 83.5 ( maybe a little less because I've been so damn awesome all week with MFP and my 6 day a week training regime ) - only to be faced with


It was like a bitch slap across my face.
It hurt like hell.
I cried.
I must of stood on there 20 times.
I did the side to side waddle and change of foot pressure thing I usually do on my Victor Vague scales, but naddah! 85.6 it stayed.
I stood on Victor and he was much kinder - he was under 84.

So here I am today OWNING 85.6 as my current weight.
Saying to 85 that you may have won this little battle but you wont be winning the war -no way!

I am now armed with:
1.Wally the Wonder Scales ( and the truth )
2. MyFitnessPal
4.Crunch Time cook book
5. My Heart Rate monitor
6. My forum support and life saving secret society
& 3 weeks of Pre-season!!!

What have you got in your arsenal 85? Huh? You have a measly 8 and stupid 5.

Game on mole.


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