Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Season's tasks begin ( and so does my training)

So on Monday I started Pre-Season with a bang!
Let me pat myself on the back for all I have achieved in 4 days...

#1. I started my 4 week block of Booty - Monday at 6.30 am I had my first boxing class, at 6.30pm my Pilates class. Tuesday at 6.30 am I had our normal Booty ( running and general physical torture ). Wednesday I had my first Running Booty at 6.30am - another cruel and unusual punishment of running, doing sprints and drills and Wednesday night at 630pm, Pilates again!

Booty is amazing - I train with 50-60 motivating and motivated people of all shapes and sizes and fitness levels. At the moment I think I'm in the bottom 4 but there are some pretty seasoned athletes amongst the group. We have 4 weeks on and 1 week off and this round I'm doing Boxing 2x per week / Pilates 2x per week / Booty 2x per week and Booty Running 1 x per week. 

Big pat on my back to making it to Thursday - my rest day!

#2. I started using MyFitnessPal ( MFP - because I don't want to type it every time) and it has changed my life.It took me a little bit of time to get used to it and find my way around but without a doubt this is a turning point for me. 

Big pat on my back ( using the other hand ).

#3. I ate clean and I ate well. Mon - Wed I only ate 1250 calories each day
( should be 1700 ). I was full. I really was. 

It's that, 'start of a diet thing'... last week I couldn't imagine surviving on 1700 calories as I stuffed my face but come Monday I was struggling to shove 1200 into me. There is something in that. I'm not a psychologist and sometimes I even struggle to spell that word but I know there is something there I have to work on. 

Small pat on back + shake of finger.

#4. I did the 1st Pre season task and went and introduced myself and also made a few comments on other people's intro's that had big fat  0 comments next to their names.

* LIGHT BULB : I avoided people who were like "Hi my name is Cindii I have 1 kg to loose and I hope I can find the inspiration to get there over the next 12 weeks" - this I know, sounds bitter, this I know is unfair, this I know is a bit mean spirited of me but its how I feel.  I don't want to belittle the weight battle people with only a few kg's to loose but for some reason it kind of shitted me as I trawled through the new faces. I could be jealous? Maybe.

Maybe I'm hungry! Hmm maybe I'm loosing weight from all my diet and exercise and actually becoming a skinny BITCH?

I might have to rethink my blog title. I'm a pretty nice person usually.

Wow my number 4 on the PAT MYSELF ON THE BACK LIST isn't really working out that well - I also have another  * LIGHT BULB re the first Pre-season Task - my intro was short and boring. I didn't really give it my best. Hi I'm V, I'm fat, 2 kids blah blah blah. 

All the studies have shown that dieting with others and exercising with others helps with weight loss so I probably should make more of an effort to meet and engage but I didn't. I wonder why and I wonder if that shows a lack of commitment on my part? I hope not!

So no pat on the back for #4  - a slap across my face might be more appropriate!

So to recap:
I've started Pre-season.
I've exercised every day - and hard.
I've faced MFP and finally learned to use it AND use it AND like it.
I've eaten well and below my daily allowance.
I've done the 1st pre season task.
I've been drinking water.

I've done OK for the first few days.

I didn't weigh in on Wednesday on my facebook page. (sorry Cath)
Well I did, but after 3 days of working pretty hard and doing all the right things, the scales didn't reward me. The little line flickered between 83.5 my starting weight and 84.5.
I guess I cant expect miracles, so rather than getting too wound up, I'm going to give this week a miss and weight in next Wednesday.

Having said that ( all rational and grown up like... ) inside I'm pretty devo I didn't drop a kg or 2 of water weight or SOMETHING - even if I'd sat squarely at 83.5 and didn't flicker up and down I would have felt some great satisfaction. Ohh well - last round's lessons are kicking in and I'm OK with the scales and I'll keep doing what I'm doing and revisit it again next week.

* Note to self, go BUY ELECTRONIC SCALES and stop being a slave to that vague line that can be moved depending on how much foot pressure I use.  *LIGHT BULB!!!!

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