Monday, January 2, 2012

Why am I fat?

I have though about this question long and hard and always come up with.....

* crickets*

I don't know!!!! ( apart from the obvious eating too much, exercising too little )

I don't think I've had a terribly hard life or many trauma's. I don't know. More than the next person?

I really don't  know.

I haven't had that breakthrough moment, maybe that's why I'm still here, stuck.

I want to know why I'm fat.
I want to know what questions to ask myself. 

I've started the last 7 sentences with "I"  [cringe]

Am I lazy for not knowing, am I dim, am I blind? Am I destined to be fat because I don't know.I'm scared if I don't find that  deep seeded/seated (hmm?)  underlying reason I overeat that I will continue to be stuck.

I know with blogging you are probably supposed to ask yourself a question, do some research and come back with an epiphany, I know I'm doing this ass end first but I think I need to look into this a little further. I might ask the Huggies forum if they know why they are fat (well those that actually are anyway ) and see what comes up for them. Maybe something will resonate. 

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